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GenAcoustic and Kliklok


GenAcoustic is a brand of environmental acoustic barrier designed to create a quieter environment and offset noise from road traffic, railways, events and aircraft. Manufactured from 90% recycled material and 100% recycleable, GenAcoustic barriers are a best in class noise barrier.

I have been involved in a number of projects with Bache Group - the parent company of GenAcoustic - and each one always presents a unique challenge. Whilst soundproof panels might not seem like a creatively rich opportunity at first glance, I was able to develop a couple of brand identities under the umbrella that really satisfied my creative itch and that also do a great job of representing the projects today and into the future.

  • Brand Realisation
  • Print Design
  • Digital Design

The GenAcoustic brand and its sub-brand Kliklok each needed a modern, forward-thinking identity to represent the high tech nature of their products. Creating something timeless for something so utilitarian required an exercise in reductionism. I wanted to create identities that only leant on the absolute essentials. In each case I reduced the product down to its key geometric shapes and extrapolated a logo mark from there. The GenAcoustic logo has a geometric representation of its panels as its mark and the Kliklok logo is a minimalistic representation of the locking mechanism as its mark.

These kinds of projects are my favourites as they leave no room for error. In my opinion good design does exactly what it needs to do with no deviation. I find the greatest amount of satisfaction when I have the opportunity to boil a product down to its essence and represent it in its most efficient way. With GenAcoustic and Kliklok I was able to do exactly that with their respective marks and then build a rich brand identity from there. It is not always the best approach to take but in this instance I think the results speak for themselves.