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2015 - Present

5834 is a self-directed art and print design project producing high-end minimalist print work for sale via 5834.store. As with most self-led projects it started out as an experiment. I had been playing with landscape photography taken during a trip to the United States and Canada with the intention of creating minimalist representations of my photographs to print and hang in the Panama studio. I soon began experimenting with ways to reduce the images further using halftone techniques, and after several rounds of experimentation and refinement I produced two series of posters - landscapes and portraits. I now sell them via the self-built 5834.store.

  • Print Design
  • Website Development
  • Operations

As a designer I feel it's important to explore passion projects alongside the day to day client-led work to keep your skills sharp. 5834 has been a chance for me to pursue an art direction that has fascinated me for a long time. Coupling my design work with some of my other interests has really ignited a special creative spark. Opting to build and operate the project's website in-house has also given me the chance to explore other ways of creating, resulting in something that is uncompromisingly mine and that I'm pretty proud of.

The project has been a modest success but that was never really the intention. I am now working on commissioned pieces alongside the self-directed editions with a view to develop the ecommerce side of the project into something more substantial in the future should the output demand it.