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Gelpacks Direct

Health & Fitness
2017 - Present

Established in 2014, Gelpacks Direct are the UK's leading supplier of hot and cold therapy packs. We first met in 2017 at a point where they were keen to reinvent themselves and build on their early growth. They were in need of an identity that would elevate them from successful start-up to trusted fitness brand. With that in mind, we decided to go from the ground up.

  • Print Design
  • Brand Development
  • Web & Digital

I have been working with Gelpacks Direct since then and we continue to move the brand along an upward trajectory. At the start of my involvement their range was limited to a small number of products mainly sold via Amazon. They now operate a fully fledged e-commerce platform, designed and built in conjunction with 470 Media, and they have moved to a larger warehouse facility in Birmingham. This growth, paired with a visually unified and diversified product range, gives Gelpacks Direct products the premium look and feel needed to succeed in the sports and fitness market.

The company continues to grow as a result of our continued hard work and my relationship with them goes from strength to strength. I will continue to support the expansion of their product range and hope to elevate them further still moving forward.